Tips when traveling to Guam

Guam is a tropical island situated in the Pacific Ocean. It’s part of the group of islands that make up Micronesia and is home to excellent and reliably warm temperatures all year – making it a fabulous sea shore objective. 

While this island is small (the number of inhabitants is just around 165,000 and you can undoubtedly drive around the whole island in under a day), there is no deficiency of astonishing activities in Guam. What’s more, I’m here to give you the fundamental Guam venture out tips you have to make your outing as awesome as could be expected under the circumstances.

1. Know your visa requirements. The requirements for a visa in Guam are just the same as in the United States. If you’re not an American citizen, you will need to read more about how you can visit Guam as the process can get really complicated. 

2. Lease a vehicle. Guam is a little island yet everything is really spread out and rustic. Particularly on the off chance that you want to leave the midtown territory of Tumon and adventure off to see the incredible climbing trails and calmer sea shores around the island, you’ll need the opportunity and adaptability of having a vehicle. 

3. Appreciate nature. Guam is an extraordinary spot to unwind on the seashore, but on the other hand it’s an astounding spot for climbing and investigating nature. The climbing trails on the island are not troublesome by any stretch of the imagination, and even the rustiest people can oversee the greater part of them. Try not to pass up the lovely seaside post focuses, cascades or buckles and come arranged with the essential activewear. 

4. Pack a bug spray and sunscreen. The atmosphere in Guam is hot, moist and tropical – so there is no lack of bugs and mosquitoes and the danger of burn from the sun is genuine. Pack the best sunscreen and bug shower to remain open to during your stay in Guam.

5. Try some good food. Well, there are tons of restaurants you can enjoy in Guam. But if you really want to get a feel of Guam’s culture, you will need to taste it from the traditional food that notable restaurants offer.  When you’re in Guam, make sure you taste the “Kelaguen Mannok” or their popular chicken dish, “Eneksa agaga” or Rice Dish, and the “Chamororo bistek” or Beef Steak cooked and prepared in Guam style.

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