Fun Tips for a Cruise to Alaska

A cruise to Alaska is one of best ever experiences anyone can have. It gives you an abundance sight of glowing blue glaciers and wild animals patrolling the waters and land. So if you are planning to go cruising in this wonderful country, here are some tips that you can follow.

Book in advance.

Alaskan cruise itineraries can go on sale up to two years in advance. If you want to get the cheapest deals, shop for tickets now and book your ticket in advance.  Two years would also buy a lot of time to save some extra cash in case you want to try some luxury facilities while aboard the ship.

Pick your cruise line wisely.

Recently, cruise lines have been adding more and more ships to the region. The Norwegian Bliss and Ovation of the Seas for example are some of the popular cruises you can try. Take note however, that not all cruise lines offer the same itineraries. So you need to research what the cruise lines have to offer before you buy their tickets.

Prepare extra money for shore excursions.

Most cruise lines do offer shore excursions. This means the ship is scheduled to dock by some ports and you would have a chance to enjoy other rides while on the shore. This can include a sleigh ride, float plane through the fjords, or helicopter ride on a glacier. Since a cruise to Alaska is never cheap, you should be able to save a lot of extra money to be able to have the best experience.

Upgrade to a balcony.

Imagine waking up to an outstanding view of the ocean and the snow-capped mountains of Alaska.  This can be possible if you upgrade to a balcony. Upgraded to a balcony will also give you the best view to Tracy Arm Fjord and Sawyer Glacier without leaving your room. This will be your most favorite part of the Alaskan cruise for sure.

Make use of the onboard enrichment program.

Most Alaskan cruises can last for a couple of weeks and even months. Well, the onboard enrichment programs are not just for a show. They aim to help cruisers to continue their real-life routine while aboard the ship. So after loading a lot of food in your stomach, you can make use of the gym. There are also some free social gatherings where you can meet new acquaintances. 


One of my best friends owns a business in Arizona ( and he kept ranting and raving about their Princess cruise along the coastline. He and his family saw the whales, visited the Denali, and had a ton of fun and finally talked me and my wife into going on this once in a lifetime trip. It was amazing!

Highly recommended! Go see Alaska for yourself.

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