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Fun Tips for a Cruise to Alaska

A cruise to Alaska is one of best ever experiences anyone can have. It gives you an abundance sight of glowing blue glaciers and wild animals patrolling the waters and land. So if you are planning to go cruising in this wonderful country, here are some tips that you can follow.

Book in advance.

Alaskan cruise itineraries can go on sale up to two years in advance. If you want to get the cheapest deals, shop for tickets now and book your ticket in advance.  Two years would also buy a lot of time to save some extra cash in case you want to try some luxury facilities while aboard the ship.

Pick your cruise line wisely.

Recently, cruise lines have been adding more and more ships to the region. The Norwegian Bliss and Ovation of the Seas for example are some of the popular cruises you can try. Take note however, that not all cruise lines offer the same itineraries. So you need to research what the cruise lines have to offer before you buy their tickets.

Prepare extra money for shore excursions.

Most cruise lines do offer shore excursions. This means the ship is scheduled to dock by some ports and you would have a chance to enjoy other rides while on the shore. This can include a sleigh ride, float plane through the fjords, or helicopter ride on a glacier. Since a cruise to Alaska is never cheap, you should be able to save a lot of extra money to be able to have the best experience.

Upgrade to a balcony.

Imagine waking up to an outstanding view of the ocean and the snow-capped mountains of Alaska.  This can be possible if you upgrade to a balcony. Upgraded to a balcony will also give you the best view to Tracy Arm Fjord and Sawyer Glacier without leaving your room. This will be your most favorite part of the Alaskan cruise for sure.

Make use of the onboard enrichment program.

Most Alaskan cruises can last for a couple of weeks and even months. Well, the onboard enrichment programs are not just for a show. They aim to help cruisers to continue their real-life routine while aboard the ship. So after loading a lot of food in your stomach, you can make use of the gym. There are also some free social gatherings where you can meet new acquaintances. 


One of my best friends owns Boss Babe Lashes and Brows and she kept ranting and raving about her Princess cruise along the coastline. She saw the whales, visited the Denali, and had a ton of fun and finally talked me and my husband into going on this once in a lifetime trip. It was amazing!

Highly recommended! Go see Alaska for yourself. …

5 Best Mediterranean Cruise Lines

Are you planning for a Mediterranean cruise? Cruising in the Mediterranean is a dream experience for everyone. In fact, it is a favorite choice for many honeymooners. That is why we have compiled some of the best cruise lines that you can check out for your trip.

Seaburn Cruise Lines

Many travellers love the luxury food found on the Seaburn Cruise Lines. This huge ship can accommodate about 600 guests. Even with this number, the ship offers a cosy space for everybody on board. You don’t have to worry about bumping elbows with other people. There are lots of leisure spaces inside the ship but expect to pay extra to enjoy the facilities. Its usual route is Malta and the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro.

Crystal Cruise

Crystal has been known for its more adventurous itineraries.  While most of the cruise ships focus only on the Mediterranean, Crystal lets you enjoy some other places like Barcelona, Hydra, and Greece.

You can also expect to dock into some small ports, take lovely photos, and enjoy the view for a couple of minutes or even hours.

Viking Ocean Cruise

A lot of eager tourists would choose Viking Ocean Cruise because of the unique experiences it offers such as being able to enjoy the beach. You will also learn more about places like Italy, Dubrovnik, and Croatia during your trip.

Since Viking’s destination is more focused on these places, might as well learn a little about their history to fully appreciate your travel. And don’t forget your bikinis because the fun doesn’t stop inside the cruise. You will also experience a free shore excursion.

Azamara Club Cruises

While most cruises would bring you to popular destinations, Azamara will take you to the path less travelled such as Livorno, Koper, and Slovenia.

This is also the most unique Meditteranean cruise with live shows, music performance, and acrobatic exhibitions during the night. The fun never seems to end with this cruise line. The culturally immersive experience it offers is what sets it apart from other cruise lines.

Oceania Cruise

Oceania is popular for its specialized dining venues and probably the only child-free cruise.  It offers a lot of shore excursions for travelers and sail to ports like Porto, Portugal, Casablanca, and Morocco.

This cruise line is a perfect choice for those who want to focus more on adventure rather than relaxation. 

8 Tips For Visiting Petra

Petra is one of the most stunning places in the world. Who would even imagine this place is built on rocks and stone. We all know you are aching to visit this wonderful place. So if you are planning to visit Petra, here are some tips you can follow for a wonderful trip.

1.   Make sure you go early.

Petra is crowded throughout the day. If you want to avoid the crowd and own the place to yourself do your best to arrive around 7am or 8am. This way, you can tour around the place and take pictures without people in your background. You can also visit Petra in the winter. It will be snowing 15km away but the cold weather will make your trip unique for sure.

2.   Take the hike up to the Monastery

Did you know that most of the people who visit Petra are on pilgrimage? Most of all, if you take the hike up to the Monastery you can get a birds-eye view of Petra. The Monastery is the largest monument in Petra that dates from the 1st century BC. There are also some cafes in the Monastery where you can sit and relax.

3.   Be careful of scammers

Well, getting scammed is one of the disadvantages of touring in large crowds and it does only happen in Petra. It could happen in any of your tours.

That it is always wise to remind travelers to be vigilant of their belongings and to research correct information before getting to their destination. One thing you need to watch out for in Petra are the fake Bedouins who claim that they are the original people that lived in the caves so many centuries have past.

4.   Don’t ride the animals

You will see a lot of animals in Petra such as camels, donkeys, and horses. But what you might not know is that these animals are poorly treated. We recommend not using them to get anywhere. It is best to look for alternatives and spare them.

\Also if you have to ride animals, we suggest that you don’t haggle. Animal transportation is the only means of living for some locals in Petra so if you are kind enough, you can even give them some tip. This will help prevent them from overworking animals.

5.   Dress respectfully

If you are used to wearing lingerie and sexy clothing in the Western Countries, you should treat Petra differently. As most of the people here are conservative, you need to abide by the general rule. Dress appropriately amidst the heat. It is best if you wear a long dress, or a long sleeve blouse and jeans.

Also wear the proper hiking shoes for your journey. It is also wise to wear cargo pants so you can have a lot of pockets to put your snacks into. A trip to Petra can be exhausting and you need to bring your own snack and water to carry you through the day.

5 Reasons Miami, Florida is Ideal for a Winter Getaway

Winter is without a doubt the perfect time to visit the beautiful city of Miami. Winter in Miami means warm weather with average temperatures of about 80°F (26.6°C) and shirtless beach bodies exploring the sandy beaches and frolicking on Ocean Drive.

When every other American city is falling into a state of slumber due to the cold winter weather, Miami remains awake and buzzing. The cultural diversity, spectacular white sand beaches, natural beauty, dazzling architecture, and turquoise waters in southern Florida make Miami one of the most intriguing cities in the United States. Here are top reasons why you should visit Miami in winter for your vacation. 

South Beach is a Year-Round Destination

While everyone else to the north is freezing due to the cold weather, you’ll be dressed in your beachwear enjoying the South Florida sun at Miami Beach’s most famous stretch of white sand. South hosts a number of festivals at this time of the year including the South Beach Food & Wine (Februay), Winter Party festival (March 4th to 10th), and Art Basel Miami Beach (December 5th to 8th). Don’t forget to browse the neon strip, enjoy the lively nightlife, or do some shopping at designer stores after spending the day basking in the sun. 

Get Immersed in Art at the Wynwood Art District

If you love art, you don’t want to miss out on the colorful murals at the glorious outdoor gallery space in Wynwood. Explore contemporary art and exhibits from both local and international galleries at the annual Art Wynwood weekend in February. The dynamic creative and entertainment hub at the Whynwood Art District focuses on emerging talent and has since become a leading destination for street art in the United States. 

Selfies on Miami Beach

One of the reasons travelers and families from across the United States come to Miami in winter is because of the year-round sunshine, white sands, and pristine beaches. If that’s not enough to get you on a plane to Miami, there’s the social media aspect.

Bring your family for a perfect winter vacation in Miami and take as much selfies as you can. You’ll be posting beautiful pictures of your hot dog legs and your family basking in the South Florida sun while your friends back home are shoveling snow. 

Dine on Seasonal Fresh Seafood

There’s no better time to enjoy the tasty South Florida delicacy (seafood) than in winter. Winter ushers in the stone crab season (until May 15th) in the city. Don’t be afraid to sit back and enjoy the juicy meat from the crab claws at one of the local restaurants in Miami. 

Art Deco Architecture

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the Art Deco Weekend in Miami in winter where the city’s architectural styles and world-famous designs are celebrated. Organized in the Miami Beach Architectural District, the event features art exhibitions, lectures, fashion shows, live music, and more. South Florida’s winter offers a balance of warm weather and cool breezes which mean you can enjoy a relaxing stroll across the city as you explore the streets.