8 Tips For Visiting Petra

Petra is one of the most stunning places in the world. Who would even imagine this place is built on rocks and stone. We all know you are aching to visit this wonderful place. So if you are planning to visit Petra, here are some tips you can follow for a wonderful trip.

1.   Make sure you go early.

Petra is crowded throughout the day. If you want to avoid the crowd and own the place to yourself do your best to arrive around 7am or 8am. This way, you can tour around the place and take pictures without people in your background. You can also visit Petra in the winter. It will be snowing 15km away but the cold weather will make your trip unique for sure.

2.   Take the hike up to the Monastery

Did you know that most of the people who visit Petra are on pilgrimage? Most of all, if you take the hike up to the Monastery you can get a birds-eye view of Petra. The Monastery is the largest monument in Petra that dates from the 1st century BC. There are also some cafes in the Monastery where you can sit and relax.

3.   Be careful of scammers

Well, getting scammed is one of the disadvantages of touring in large crowds and it does only happen in Petra. It could happen in any of your tours.

That it is always wise to remind travelers to be vigilant of their belongings and to research correct information before getting to their destination. One thing you need to watch out for in Petra are the fake Bedouins who claim that they are the original people that lived in the caves so many centuries have past.

4.   Don’t ride the animals

You will see a lot of animals in Petra such as camels, donkeys, and horses. But what you might not know is that these animals are poorly treated. We recommend not using them to get anywhere. It is best to look for alternatives and spare them.

\Also if you have to ride animals, we suggest that you don’t haggle. Animal transportation is the only means of living for some locals in Petra so if you are kind enough, you can even give them some tip. This will help prevent them from overworking animals.

5.   Dress respectfully

If you are used to wearing lingerie and sexy clothing in the Western Countries, you should treat Petra differently. As most of the people here are conservative, you need to abide by the general rule. Dress appropriately amidst the heat. It is best if you wear a long dress, or a long sleeve blouse and jeans.

Also wear the proper hiking shoes for your journey. It is also wise to wear cargo pants so you can have a lot of pockets to put your snacks into. A trip to Petra can be exhausting and you need to bring your own snack and water to carry you through the day.

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