5 Best Mediterranean Cruise Lines

Are you planning for a Mediterranean cruise? Cruising in the Mediterranean is a dream experience for everyone. In fact, it is a favorite choice for many honeymooners. That is why we have compiled some of the best cruise lines that you can check out for your trip.

Seaburn Cruise Lines

Many travellers love the luxury food found on the Seaburn Cruise Lines. This huge ship can accommodate about 600 guests. Even with this number, the ship offers a cosy space for everybody on board. You don’t have to worry about bumping elbows with other people. There are lots of leisure spaces inside the ship but expect to pay extra to enjoy the facilities. Its usual route is Malta and the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro.

Crystal Cruise

Crystal has been known for its more adventurous itineraries.  While most of the cruise ships focus only on the Mediterranean, Crystal lets you enjoy some other places like Barcelona, Hydra, and Greece.

You can also expect to dock into some small ports, take lovely photos, and enjoy the view for a couple of minutes or even hours.

Viking Ocean Cruise

A lot of eager tourists would choose Viking Ocean Cruise because of the unique experiences it offers such as being able to enjoy the beach. You will also learn more about places like Italy, Dubrovnik, and Croatia during your trip.

Since Viking’s destination is more focused on these places, might as well learn a little about their history to fully appreciate your travel. And don’t forget your bikinis because the fun doesn’t stop inside the cruise. You will also experience a free shore excursion.

Azamara Club Cruises

While most cruises would bring you to popular destinations, Azamara will take you to the path less travelled such as Livorno, Koper, and Slovenia.

This is also the most unique Meditteranean cruise with live shows, music performance, and acrobatic exhibitions during the night. The fun never seems to end with this cruise line. The culturally immersive experience it offers is what sets it apart from other cruise lines.

Oceania Cruise

Oceania is popular for its specialized dining venues and probably the only child-free cruise.  It offers a lot of shore excursions for travelers and sail to ports like Porto, Portugal, Casablanca, and Morocco.

This cruise line is a perfect choice for those who want to focus more on adventure rather than relaxation. 

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